"Ambassador of the barn egg"

In 1937 Eierhandel Natuurfarm de Boed started up with 200 chickens with the traditional housing system on the ground that was usual at the time. In around 1965 this number was extended to around 15,000 chickens. In the middle of 1970 battery cages, also known as cage housing, came along. Eierhandel Natuurfarm de Boed did not follow this development for reasons of principle. During this period Eierhandel Natuurfarm De Boed started developing its own system where the chickens could behave naturally. This meant building spacious houses in which the chickens could scratch around freely in litter. Additional attention was also paid to better food, water and perches. Another important point was found to be the laying nests in which the chickens could quietly lay their eggs in privacy. Later the egg from this system became known (inter-)nationally as a ‘barn egg’.


In later years Eierhandel Natuurfarm De Boed BV primarily became known as a supplier to the retail trade in the Netherlands with the well-known Corn-Fed Barn egg Maisscharrelei ® in the yellow carton. Meanwhile Eierhandel Natuurfarm De Boed BV has become a total supplier for brands and private labels. Under the brand name Natuurfarm De Boed Corn-Fed eggs and Wholegrain eggs are supplied to big retailers throughout the country.