Egg products are processed into a wide range of foods such as sauces, confectionery, pasta, salads, desserts and meat products. For each of these product groups a different use of egg products is required. In this respect each egg products factory within Interovo Egg Group has its own product specialism. Our range therefore includes liquid egg products, concentrated liquid egg products, egg powders, boiled and peeled eggs and egg albumen crystals.


Our mission is to be a reliable supplier of high quality egg products, which focuses on the wishes of the customer. Because all egg products are pasteurised or boiled, we offer a safe product with many possible uses. Our products can be supplied from a wide variety of laying system (colony, barn, free range and organic), in a wide range of packs and with the appropriate certifications.


Because our customers’ products are not standard, we endeavour to work with the customer to produce an egg product tailored to their requirements.



Liquid egg products    Industry or Restaurants/major consumer

Egg powders 


Boiled / peeled eggs    Industry or Retail/restaurants


Sorted eggs