Interovo Egg Group BV has a large number of poultry farms under its own control. The employees on the poultry farms work day and night to obtain the best quality and most efficient production. Spread across the poultry farms is every type of laying system: from the enriched cage system to organically reared birds. As a result within Interovo Egg Group BV we have built up experience with all sorts of laying systems and this provides knowledge that we in turn can share with our suppliers. With this knowledge sharing we create the most efficient production chain with the best cost price for our customers.
In addition to these advantages our own control of our poultry farms also gives a significant addition to our quality system EggTraceBase®. Due to our own control we always have a good idea of the health of the animals, the raw materials supplied for food, the hygiene within the houses and ultimately the quality of the eggs supplied. For this is ultimately what it is all about: the best egg produced in a healthy and efficient way.
Interovo Egg Group is also aware of its influence on the environment. This is why it was decided as far as possible to locate poultry farms in the immediate vicinity of the processing companies. In this way we not only reduce the addition of costs to the chain but also the kilometres travelled by trucks on the road. For the customers of Interovo Egg Group it is a comforting thought that, by keeping production under its own control, good quality eggs will always be available.
On the Companies page you will find the poultry farms that are part of the Interovo Egg Group BV. Under Locations you can also find their locations.